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Kalia Dermatology and Laser

Beta Hydroxy Purifying Cleanser

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This Alpha/Beta Hydroxy Purifying Cleanser was specifically designed to address problematic skin, by reaching deep into pores and lifting out stubborn debris and oils without over-drying the skin. This cleanser uses the oil-soluble properties of Beta-Hydroxy Salicylic Acid to dissolve and remove excess oil and dead skin cells that build up inside pores and contribute to congested skin. 



  • Provides deep pore cleansing without causing sensitivity and dehydration
  • Is excellent for all skins with acne/blackheads including acne-rosacea prone
  • Helps exfoliate dead skin cells for texture irregularities including KP and eczema 
  • Softens all skins to complement any skin care regimen for face or body
  • Has a silky soft lotion base that is hydrating and gentle


How to use: 2x daily morning and evening


See packaging for ingredients

Beta Hydroxy Purifying Cleanser

Beta Hydroxy Purifying Cleanser